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The following dynasties have ruled Scotland since the 11th century

House of Alpin 1. 1016-1034 2. 1040-1058  
1 House of Atholl 1. 1034-1040 2. 1058-1290
2 Interregnum 1290-1292
House of Balliol 1292-1296  
3 Interregnum 1296-1306  
House of Bruce 1306-1371  
4 House of Stewart 1371-1603  

1. The House of Atholl is also known as the House of Dunkeld.

During the first interregnum there were 13 claimants to the Scottish throne. After the adjudication of Edward I of England the Crown was handed to John de Balliol in preference to Robert de Bruce.

During the second interregnum Edward I of England took over the governing of Scotland, claiming that John de Balliol had forfeited the right to the Crown for disobeying him.

4. In 1603 the Crowns of England and Scotland were united when James VI of Scotland also became James I of England.

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