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Surname origins Location
Derived from the location where an ancestor originated

'The stream'

Geographic origins Fife in Scotland
Language Scots Gaelic
Sources Cottle, Basil, The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames (London: Penguin UK, 1967)
My connection to the Anstruther family is my 3x great grandmother Caroline Louisa Anstruther who was born in 1816. Her parents were Robert Lindsay Anstruther and Elizabeth Gardner who married in 1814 in Cold Brayfield in Buckinghamshire.

The Anstruther family were connected with the Indian subcontinent, where in 1835, in Bihar - a province in the north of India bordering Nepal - Caroline married Frederic Cardew who worked as a civil servant in the East India Company.

They had 9 (known) children but both parents suffered the fate of many of the British in India: Caroline died there in 1848 and Frederic 5 years later.

Do you have any information on the following people?
David Leslie Anstruther  
Robert Lindsay Anstruther   1786/87-1868 (born in Moorshedabad, West Bengal, India)
Caroline Louisa Anstruther   1816-48

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