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Surname origins Nickname
Derived from the nickname of an ancestor, describing their personality or appearance
Meaning 'Champion'
Geographic origins Scandinavia
Language Old Irish

Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958)

At least two generations of my line of the Neale family were wheelwrights (makers and repairers of wheels). In 1816 William and Jane Neale had married in the Surrey village of Lingfield and around the middle of the 19th century a branch of the family moved further south to Sussex where they were connected with a series of villages: Clayton, Balcombe, Worth and Cuckfield, where my great grandmother Annie Elizabeth Neale was born in 1876.

By the turn of the century she had moved back to Surrey, and in 1903 married John Frederick Parish in Redhill. They had 3 children.

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Annie Elizabeth Neale   b. 1876 (in Cuckfield, Sussex)

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