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Using Army Records (London: The National Archives, 2000)
Using Birth, Marriage and Death Records (London: The National Archives, 2000)
Using Census Returns (London: The National Archives, 2000)
Using Wills (London: The National Archives, 2001)

Wilson, Derek, The Tower of London - A Thousand Years (London: Allison & Busby Ltd, 1998)

Anglo Saxon Monarchs

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
- Countryside Agency

Battlefields Trust
- Battles which took place on British soil

Berkshire History

County & National Genealogical Information

E.M. Forster
- Music and Meaning

General Research
- Wikipedia

Historic Buildings
- English Heritage

Historic Buildings
- The Heritage Trail

Historic People & Events
- BBC History

Industrial Revolution
- Cotton Times

Landscape photgraphy
- flickr

- The Official Website of the British Monarchy

Nobel Prize Winners
- The Official Website of the Nobel Foundation

- Tate Gallery

Pictures of Historic Places
- English Heritage Viewfinder

Academy of American Poets

The Poetry Archive

Portraits of Famous People
- National Portrait Gallery

Properties & Gardens
- The National Trust

Prime Ministers
- 10 Downing Street

Scottish Historic Buildings
- Undiscovered Scotland

World Heritage Sites

Australia - Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

Canada - Parks Canada Agency

New Zealand - New Zealand Department of Conservation

United States - US Department of the Interior - National Park Service

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

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