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Actors and Directors

Actors and directors from film and theatre. Monarchs that have ruled since Anglo-Saxon times.
Anglo-Saxons and Danes National Parks
The two dynasties that ruled post-Roman and pre-Norman England. In 2009 the South Downs were officially designated a National Park. There are now ten parks in England, three in Wales, two in Scotland and six in Ireland protecting ancient landscapes of particular importance and diversity.
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Nobel Prize Winners
In the last fifty years thirty-nine areas have been set aside in England and Wales with the aim of protecting landscapes of natural beauty and importance. Eight areas have also been designated in Northern Ireland.

In 2005 the number of AONBs in England and Wales was reduced to thirty-eight when the South Hampshire Coast AONB was de-designated. It now lies in the newly created New Forest National Park.
Winners of the six Nobel Prizes for Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Peace, Physics and Physiology or Medicine awarded annually in Stockholm.
Artists and Architects Places of Interest
Painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects and landscape gardeners. Castles, cathedrals and abbeys, stately homes and palaces, notable places and other buildings of historical interest.
Composers Prime Ministers
Composers. The highest political office in the land since Robert Walpole became the "prime minister" in 1721.
Explorers and Adventurers Royal Consorts and Heirs
Explorers and adventurers. The royal consort, the wife or husband of the ruling monarch, have often been as influential as the rulers themselves, as have heirs to the throne who have died before they could become king or queen.
Famous People World Heritage Sites
Notable women, philosophers and reformers and other people of note including highwaymen, rebels and spies. Natural landscapes and man-made structures of particular cultural and historical importance protected by the UNESCO.
Historic Events Writers and Poets
Major battles, rebellions and plots, landings and departures on and from the coast of Britain, notable achievements and other significant historical events. Poets, novelists and political writers.
Inventors and Scientists Back
Inventors and scientists.  

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