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Herefordshire lies in western England and borders Wales to the west. In 1974 Herefordshire and Worcestershire were united into one county. The two counties have since regained their separate county status.

The world's first and largest book town is at Hay-on-Wye on the border with Wales.

Towns include the county seat of Hereford.

Actors/Actresses and Directors

The actor David Garrick was born in Hereford in 1717.

David Garrick

Anglo-Saxons and Danes
Hereford was the capital of the smaller kingdom of West Mercia, itself part of the kingdom of Mercia. Occupying a large part of central England, Mercia stretched from Wales in the west to the kingdom of the East Angles (East Anglia) in the east and from the West Saxon kingdom of Wessex in the south to Northumbria in the north.

The smaller kingdom of the Magonsaete, also known as the West Angles, was located to the west of the river Severn in the county.

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
The Malvern Hills form a ridge running from north to south providing spectacular uninterrupted views west into Wales and east over the Cotswolds. The relatively small AONB is spread over three counties, with the majority of it lying in Herefordshire. It includes a mixture landscapes and it was this variety which was the main reason for its designation as an AONB in 1959.

The limestone gorges, woodlands and meadows of the Wye Valley stretch from Hereford in the north to near Chepstow Castle in the south and were designated an AONB in 1971. The northern part of the AONB lies in Herefordshire with the southern half split between Gloucestershire in the east and Wales in the west.

Places of Interest

Cathedrals and Abbeys
Hereford Cathedral holds the Mappa Mundi, the medieval map of the world as it was envisaged in 1290.

Writers and Poets
The poet John Masefield was born at Ledbury in 1878. On the death of Robert Bridges in 1930 he was appointed Poet Laureate, a post he held until his own death in 1967 when he was succeeded by Cecil Day-Lewis. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

John Masefield
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