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Royal consorts and heirs from the House of Stuart who were born or died in London

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House of Stuart
Margaret Tudor was born in London in 1489, the eldest daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII. In 1503 she married James IV of Scotland and in 1513, at the age of one, her son became James V. Her great-grandson united the Scottish and English Crowns as James I of England.

Margaret Tudor

In 1612 Henry, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of James I of England, died from typhoid at St James's Palace after contracting the disease whilst swimming at Windsor. It was his brother who was crowned Charles I on their father's death in 1625. Henry is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Henry, Prince of Wales
Royal consorts buried at Westminster Abbey

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, the eldest daughter of James I, died in London in 1662 whilst on a visit to her nephew Charles II. She had become known as the Winter Queen due to the short reign of her husband - Frederick V - as King of Bohemia. The couple had been forced to leave Prague and had settled in the Hague where Elizabeth would spend the rest of her life.

She is buried with her parents in Westminster Abbey
. After Queen Anne died childless in 1714 the Act of Settlement meant that it was Elizabeth's grandson who was crowned George I. The aim of the Act: to exclude the Catholic heirs of James II and Mary of Modena so that the monarchy would remain Protestant.

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia
Royal consorts buried at Westminster Abbey

In 1671 Anne Hyde, the first wife of James II died at St James's Palace. Although she never became queen (it was not until 1685 that her husband ascended the throne), she did give birth to Mary II in 1662 and Queen Anne in 1665. She is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Anne Hyde
With James II
Royal consorts buried at Westminster Abbey

In 1688 James Francis Edward Stuart was born at St James's Palace. The Old Pretender was the only child of James II and his second wife Mary of Modena. Later the same year the queen had to flee with her son to France when the king was forced into exile during the Glorious Revolution.

On his father's death in 1701 James Stuart proclaimed himself James III , and would have been heir to the throne on the death of his half-sister Queen
Anne in 1714, but he refused to renounce his Catholicism and so was excluded from the succession. After several failed attempts at reclaiming the crown, including a major rebellion in 1715, he settled in Italy, passing the mantle of the Jacobite cause to his son Charles.

James Stuart died in Rome in 1766 and was buried in the crypt of St Peter's Basilica where his two sons - Charles Edward
and Henry Benedict - would eventually also be buried. They were the last of the Stuart royal line.

James Francis

Glorious Revolution

The husband of Queen Anne, George of Denmark died at Kensington Palace in 1708. They had married in 1683 at St James's Palace and he had been royal consort since her becoming Queen in 1702. He is buried at Westminster Abbey.

George of Denmark
Royal consorts buried at Westminster Abbey

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