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Surname origins Occupation
Derived from the occupation of an ancestor
Meaning i) Maker or driver of carts
ii) 'Charioteer'
Geographic origins i) In 1853 the 50th most common name in England and Wales
Language i) Old English
ii) Old French
Sources i) Cottle, Basil, The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames (London: Penguin UK, 1967)

ii) Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958)
My line of the Carter family were connected to the Hampshire village of Hawkley in the 17th and 18th centuries and it was in the village that my 3x great grandmother Dinah Carter - a shopkeeper - was born in 1785. Her 3x great grandparents - John and Thomasine - had married in the village in 1664.

In 1813 Dinah Carter married Thomas Heighes, an agricultural labourer from the neighbouring village of
Empshott. They had 4 (known) children.

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