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Surname origins Occupation
Derived from the occupation of an ancestor
Meaning 'Cleric, scholar, clerk, secretary'

In the Middle Ages all writing or 'clerical' work was done by minor orders of the clergy
Geographic origins i) In 1853 the 27th most common name in England and Wales
Language i+ii) Old English
ii) Old French

i) Cottle, Basil, The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames (London: Penguin UK, 1967)

ii) Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958)

My line of the Clark family were agricultural labourers connected with the Hampshire village of Longparish from the beginning of the 19th century when Charles and Charlotte Clark(e) lived in the village.

Towards the middle of the century three of their grandsons, including my great grandfather William, left the village and joined the growing exodus of people leaving behind a centuries old rural way of life and moving to London.

The three brothers settled in Lambeth where in 1866 William married Mary Way. They later moved to Southwark and had 5 (known) children together. William worked in the capital as a cabman - a driver of a horse-drawn carriage.

Their great granddaughter in 1958 married a Bradley.
Links Longparish: A village history

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Longparish, Hampshire   19th century

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Charles Clark   b. 1785/86 (Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire)
Charles Clark   b. 1812/13 (Longparish, Hampshire)
William Clark   b. 1842 (Longparish, Hampshire)
William Sidney Clark   b. 1868 (Blackfriars, Southwark)

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