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Surname origins Location
Derived from the location where an ancestor originated
Meaning i) 'Broad wood' or 'clearing'

ii) Name of the village where the ancestors lived
Geographic origins i) Over a dozen counties

ii) From the villages of Bradley in Lincolnshire or west Yorkshire or a number of other villages with the name Bradley throughout England
Language Old English
Sources i) Cottle, Basil, The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames (London: Penguin UK, 1967)

ii) Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958)
Two generations of my line of the Bradley family were clergymen in the counties of Warwickshire (Atherstone, the mining village of Baddesley Ensor, Mancetter, Nether Whitacre), Staffordshire (Dunstall) and Worcestershire (Dudley). Their lineage can be traced back to the port of Liverpool towards the end of the 18th century where John Bradley (a schoolmaster) and Margaret Ashworth lived. They had married in the Lancashire town of Haslingden in 1792.

Over the following century various branches of the family emigrated
to St Kitts and Nevis, New Zealand, India, South Africa and the USA and in the 20th century to Canada and Austria.

My branch of the family moved south at the beginning of the 20th century, settling eventually in Folkestone in Kent and later Surrey.

Bradley One-Name Study

See also: Alcock, Barran and Cunningham

Do you have a Bradley ancestor with a connection to one of the following places?

Church, Lancashire   1760-90s
Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire 1760-90s

Do you have any information on the following people?

Reverend William Bradley   1793-1867
Reverend William Gardner Bradley   1820-51 (England/St Kitts and Nevis)
Mary Gardner Bradley   1821-74
Charles John Bradley   1823-75 (England/India)
Richard Anstruther Bradley   1826-53 (England/New Zealand)
Reverend Gilbert Bradley   1829-1909
Caroline Elizabeth Bradley   Bapt. 1830
Gertrude Nancy Bradley (Cunningham)   b. 1859 (England/USA)
Everard Gilbert Bradley   1861-1943
Arthur Ashworth Bradley   1862-1906 (England/South Africa)
Lucy Mary Bradley (Alcock)   b. 1864 (England/USA)
Richard Anstruther Bradley   1865-1916 (England/South Africa)
Rose Cardew Bradley (Barran)   1867-1952
Eustace Anstruther Bradley   1868-1903 (England/USA)
Jessie Gardner Bradley   1870-1946
Gilbert Leslie Bradley   b. 1878
Roy Anstruther Bradley b. 1912 (England/Brazil)

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