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Surname origins Location
Derived from the location where an ancestor originated
Meaning i+ii) 'Dweller near a hill, hillock, burial-mound'
ii) 'Dweller near a heel or projecting ridge of land'
Geographic origins i) Norfolk, North Yorkshire and in the former area covered by the Danelaw

ii) Very common in Northumberland, Durham, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire
Language i+ii) Old Norse
ii) Old English
Sources i) Cottle, Basil, The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames (London: Penguin UK, 1967)

ii) Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958)
My line of the Howe family can be traced back to the Yorkshire village of Owston in the first half of the 19th century where William Guest Howe and Anne Eyre married in 1824 and before that to the village of Brierley where William was born in 1799. William worked on the land as an agricultural labourer and later farmer.

Their granddaughter - my great grandmother - Cassandra Paine Marland Howe was born in Manchester in 1871 where her father had settled. In 1901 she married a schoolteacher Everard Gilbert Bradley in Meliden in Wales. They had 6 children.

Do you have a Howe ancestor with a connection to one of the following places?

Brierley, Yorkshire   1790s
Owston, Yorkshire   1820-40s

Do you have any information on the following people?

William Guest Howe   b. 1799 (in Brierley, Yorkshire)
George Guest Howe   1829/30-85 (born in Owston, Yorkshire)

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