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Prime Ministers who were born or died in London during the 18th century

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18th Century
Prime Ministers
Born in 1708 in Westminster the Earl of Chatham (also known as William Pitt the Elder) became Prime Minister from 1766-68. He was the father of William Pìtt, the Younger who would also become Prime Minister and a predecessor George Grenville was his brother-in-law. He was buried in 1778 in Westminster Abbey .

Earl of Chatham
Famous people buried at Westminster Abbey

George Grenville, Prime Minister in 1753-65, was born in Westminster in 1712. He died in Bolton Street in 1770.

George Grenville

Prime Minister in 1762-63, the Earl of Bute was born as John Stuart in 1713 in Parliament Square. He died in 1792 in Grosvenor Square.

Earl of Bute

Lord North, Prime Minister in 1770-82, was born as Frederick North in Albemarle Street in Piccadilly in 1732. He died in Grosvenor Square in 1792 and is buried in Wroxton in Oxfordshire. His administration saw the Declaration of Independence by the North American colonies and their loss in the resulting American War of Independence.

Lord North
American War of Independence

The Earl of Wilmington, Prime Minister from 1742-43, died in St James Square in 1743.

Earl of Wilmington

The first "Prime Minister" Robert Walpole died in 1745 in Arlington Street and was buried at the family estate Houghton Hall in Norfolk. Walpole served as First Lord of the Treasury under the first of the Hanoverian monarchs George I.

The German-born King could not speak English which led to Walpole exercising much more power than had before been the case for the position he held. He governed as the most important or "Prime" Minister of a small group of Ministers, the beginnings of the future Cabinet system of government.

Walpole was not only the first to hold the post but he also held it the longest, staying in office for a total of 20 years and 314 days between 1721 and 1742.

Robert Walpole

Henry Pelham became Prime Minister from 1743-54 and also died in Arlington Street in 1754. He was succeeded by his brother the Duke of Newcastle.

Henry Pelham

Prime Minister from 1801-04, Henry Addington was born in Bedford Row in Holborn in 1757.

Henry Addington

Spencer Perceval who became Prime Minister in 1809-12, was born in Audley Square in 1762. He was the only Prime Minister to be assassinated when he was shot in 1812 by a disgruntled businessman in the lobby of the House of Commons. He is buried at St Luke's in Charlton.

Spencer Perceval

The Prime Minister from 1812-27 Earl of Liverpool, was born as Robert Jenkinson in London in 1770.

Earl of Liverpool

George Canning, Prime Minister in 1827, was born in Marylebone in 1770. He was the shortest ever serving Prime Minister dying in the same year at Chiswick House after only 119 days in office. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

George Canning
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In 1779 Viscount Melbourne, twice Prime Minister in 1834 and 1835-41, was born as William Lamb at Melbourne House in Piccadilly.

Viscount Melbourne

Prime Minister in 1827-28, Viscount Goderich was born as Frederick Robinson in London in 1782.

Viscount Goderich

Viscount Palmerston, twice Prime Minister in 1855-58 and 1859-65, was born at 20 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster in 1784. He was buried in 1865 in Westminster Abbey.

Viscount Palmerston
Famous people buried at Westminster Abbey

The twice Prime Minister from 1846-51 and 1865-66 Earl Russell, was born as John Russell in Hertford Street in Mayfair in 1792.

Earl Russell

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