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Babbage, Charles - See Cambridge University, Devon, Kensal Green Cemetery

Bach, Edward - See Warwickshire

Bach, Johann Christian - See Germany, London

Bacon, Francis
- See Cambridge University

Bainbridge, Beryl - See Highgate Cemetary, Lancashire, London

Baldwin, Stanley - See
Cambridge University, Worcestershire, 20th Century Prime Ministers

Balfour, Arthur James - See Cambridge University,
Scotland, Surrey, 20th Century Prime Ministers

Baird, John Logie - See Scotland

Balliol, Edward de - See House of Balliol

Balliol, John de - See House of Balliol, Tower of London

Barkla, Charles Glover (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Cambridge University, Lancashire, Scotland

Barrie, J.M. - See London, Scotland

Barton, Derek
(Nobel Prize Winner) - See Kent, United States of America

Beaufort, Lady Margaret (Mother of Henry VII) - See Cambridge University

Beauclerc, Henry I - See See Berkshire, France,
House of Normandy, London, Yorkshire

Becket, Thomas - See

Beckett, Samuel (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See France, Ireland

Bede, the Venerable - See Durham

Behn, Aphra - See Kent, London, Westminster Abbey

Bell, Alexander Graham - See Scotland, United States of America

Bentinck, William - See Duke of Portland

Berengaria of Navarre (Wife of Richard the Lionheart) - See France
, Royal Consorts

Berlin, Isaiah - See
Oxford University

Bernay, Richard, Duke of (Second eldest son of William I) - See Hampshire

Betjeman, John - See Cornwall, London, Oxford University, Poets Laureate

Bevan, Aneurin - See Wales

Beveridge, William - See India,
Oxford University

Bevin, Ernest - See Somerset, Westminster Abbey

Black, James W. (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Scotland

Blackett, Patrick (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Cambridge University, London

Blackwell, Elizabeth - See Gloucestershire, Sussex

Blair, Tony - See Oxford University, Scotland, 20th Century Prime Ministers,
21st Century Prime Ministers

Blake, William - See Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds, London

Blériot, Louis - See France, Kent

Bligh, William - See Devon

Blondin, Charles - See France,
Kensal Green Cemetery

Blumberg, Barruch S. - See Oxford University

Blunden, Edmund - See London,
Oxford University, Suffolk

Blunt, Anthony - See
Cambridge University, Hampshire

Bohemia, Anne of (First wife of Richard II) - See London, Royal Consorts, Surrey, Westminster Abbey

Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of (Daughter of James I) - See London, Westminster Abbey

Bohr, Niels (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridge University

Bohun, Mary de (First wife of Henry IV) - See Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Sussex

Boleyn, Anne (Second wife of Henry VIII) - See Kent, London, Norfolk, Royal Consorts, Tower of London

Bonar Law, Andrew - See Canada, London, Westminster Abbey, 20th Century Prime Ministers

Born, Max (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Germany

Boulogne, Matilda of (Wife of King Stephen) - See Essex, Kent, Royal Consorts

Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth (Wife of George VI - Mother of Elizabeth II) - See London, London, Royal Consorts, Windsor

Boyd Orr, Lord (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Scotland

Braganza, Catherine of
(Wife of Charles II) - See Hampshire, Royal Consorts

Bragg, Lawrence (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Australia, Cambridge University, Suffolk

Bragg, William (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Cambridge University, Cumbria, London

Branagh, Kenneth - See Northern Ireland

Breakspear, Nicholas - See Adrian IV

Brenner, Sydney (Nobel Prize Winner) - See Cambridge University, South Africa

Bridges, Robert - See Berkshire, Kent, Oxfordshire
, Oxford University, Poets Laureate

Britten, Benjamin - See Suffolk

Bronte, Anne - See

Bronte, Charlotte - See

Bronte, Emily - See

Brooke, Rupert - See Cambridge University,

Brown, Arthur Whitten - See Canada, Ireland, Scotland

Brown, Capability - See Cambridgeshire, Northumberland

Brown, Christy
- See Ireland, Somerset

Brown, Gordon - See Scotland, 21st Century Prime Ministers

Brown, Herbert C. (Nobel Prize Winner) - See London, United States of America

Browning, Robert - See Italy, London,
Westminster Abbey

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett - See Durham, Italy

Bruce, Robert I, de - See House of Bruce

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - See Hampshire,
Kensal Green Cemetery

Brunel, Marc Isambard - See France,
Kensal Green Cemetery

Brunswick, Caroline of (Wife of George IV) - See Germany,
London, London, Royal Consorts

Buchan, John - See Canada, Oxfordshire,
Oxford University, Scotland

Bunyan, John - See Bedfordshire, Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds, London

Burgess, Guy - See Cambridge University,

Burgh, Hubert de - See Tower of London

Burke, Edmund - See Buckinghamshire, Ireland

Burnett, Frances Hodgson - See Lancashire, United States of America

Burns, Robert - See Scotland

Burton, Richard Francis - See Devon, Italy, London

Bute, Earl of - See London, Scotland, 18th Century Prime Ministers

Byron, Lord - See Cambridge University,
London, Nottinghamshire

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