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Cabot, John - See Gloucestershire, Italy, United States of America

Cade, Jack - See Kent

Caesar, Julius - See Kent

Cairncross, John . See Cambridge University

Callaghan, James - See Hampshire, Sussex, 20th Century Prime Ministers

Cambridge, Duke of - See Prince Adolphus

Cameron, David - See
London, Oxford University, 21st Century Prime Ministers

Cameron, Julia - See India

Campbell-Bannerman, Henry - See Cambridge University,
London, Scotland,
20th Century Prime Ministers

Canning, George - See London, Oxford University, Westminster Abbey, 19th Century Prime Ministers

Canute, King - See Danish Kings, Dorset, Winchester

Carlyle, Thomas - See London, Scotland

Carnegie, Andrew - See Scotland, United States of America

Caroline of Ansbach (Wife of George II) - See Germany, London
, Royal Consorts, Westminster Abbey

Caroline of Brunswick (Wife of George IV) - See Germany
, London, London, Royal Consorts

Carr, J.L. - See Northamptonshire, Yorkshire

Carre, John le - See Cornwall,
Dorset, Oxford University

Carroll, Lewis - See Cheshire, Oxford University, Surrey

Cartwright, Edmund - See Oxford University

Castile, Eleanor of (First wife of Edward I) - See Nottinghamshire
, Royal Consorts, Westminster Abbey

Catesby, Robert - See Staffordshire, Warwickshire

Catherine of Braganza
(Wife of Charles II) - See Hampshire, Royal Consorts

Catherine of Valois (Wife of Henry V) - See France, London, Royal Consorts, Westminster Abbey

Catherine of Aragon (First wife of Henry VIII
) - See Cambridgeshire, London, Northamptonshire, Royal Consorts

Cavendish, Henry - See Cambridge University

Cavendish, Margaret - See Essex, Nottinghamshire, Westminster Abbey

Cavendish, William - See Duke of Devonshire

Cecil of Chelwood, Viscount (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Kent, London, Oxford University

Chadwick, James (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridgeshire, Cambridge University, Cheshire

Chain, Ernst Boris (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Germany, Ireland

Chamberlain, Austen (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridge University, London, Warwickshire

Chamberlain, Neville - See Hampshire, London, Warwickshire, Westminster Abbey,
20th Century Prime Ministers

Chandrasekhar, Subramanyan (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridge University

Chaplin, Charlie - See London

Charles I - See Hampshire
, House of Stuart, Kent, London, Scotland, Windsor

Charles II - See
Hampshire, House of Stuart, London, Shropshire, Westminster Abbey, Worcestershire

Charles III - See Berkshire,
, Cambridge University, House of Windsor, London

Chatham, Earl of - See
Kent, London, Oxford University, Westminster Abbey,
18th Century Prime Ministers

Chaucer, Geoffrey - See London, Westminster Abbey

Chippendale, Thomas - See Yorkshire

Christian, Fletcher - See Cumbria

Christie, Agatha - See Devon, Oxfordshire

Churchill, John - See Duke of Marlborough

Churchill, Winston (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Kent, London, Oxfordshire,
20th Century Prime Ministers

Cibber, Colley - See London, Poets Laureate

Clarence, George, Duke of (Brother of Edward IV, Richard III) - See Tower of London

Clarke, Arthur C. - See Somerset

Cleves, Anne of (Fourth wife of Henry VIII) - See Germany, Kent, London
, Royal Consorts, Westminster Abbey

Clinton, Bill - See Oxford University

Coase, Ronald H. (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See London

Cobbett, William - See Surrey

Cockcroft, John (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridgeshire, Cambridge University, Yorkshire

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - See Cambridge University,
Cumbria, Devon, London, Somerset

Collins, Wilkie - See
Kensal Green Cemetery, London

Compton, Spencer - See Earl of Wilmington

Confessor, Edward the - See
Anglo-Saxon Kings, London, Oxfordshire, Westminster Abbey

Conqueror, William I, the - See France, Hampshire, House of Normandy, Sussex

Conrad, Joseph - See

Constable, John - See Suffolk, London

Cook, James - See Australia, Devon, New Zealand, United States of America, Yorkshire

Cook, Thomas - See Derbyshire

Cornforth, John W. (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Australia

Corrigan, Mairead (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Northern Ireland

Count of Poitiers, William (Eldest son of Henry II) - See Berkshire, Oxfordshire

Cowper, William - See Hertfordshire, Norfolk

Cranmer, Thomas - See Cambridge University,
Tower of London

Cremer, (William) Randal (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Hampshire, London

Crick, Francis (Nobel Prize Winner)
- See Cambridge University, Northamptonshire, United States of America

Cromwell, Oliver - See Cambridgeshire, Cambridge University, Westminster Abbey

Cromwell, Richard - See Hampshire, Hertfordshire

Cromwell, Thomas - See Tower of London

Cumberland, Duke of - See William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland

Curthose, Robert (Son of William the Conqueror) - See Gloucestershire, Wales

Curtmantle, Henry II - See France, House of Plantaganet, Kent

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